Balloon Voyage

Balloon Voyage: Kids Photo Session


Kids photo sessions don’t have to be in a studio. If you put some creativity in it, you can make a super fun event for everyone. I always found hot air balloons fascinating. The big deep baskets that Home Sense sells just gave me a great idea and I decided to make a hot air balloon prop for a kids photo session. I sew sand bags from canvas and filled them with styrofoam beans and attach them to the basket. The yellow flower garland was a great addition to the balloon basket. I got one of those big party balloons from a party shop, inflated it with helium and decorated with colourful banner. I hauled everything to the car and headed to Confederation park. I thought it would be a perfect place to launch a hot air balloon 😊

I arrived earlier than my clients to get the basket ready. Tying the balloon to the basket was a little stressful as the balloon was big and wanted to rocket into the sky so badly. Thankfully, I could keep it under control and didn’t let it fly. When the kids saw the hot air balloon, they got excited. They thought it was a real one and a little afraid to go in it as they didn’t want to part with their moms, lol. I guaranteed that it will not go up even an inch from the ground hahaha! But it would be cool to make it look like it’s flying. So I used a little portable table for that. I placed the basket on it and took a photo from below. Making the balloon size a little bigger made it look even more awesome. Heart shaped black board came in handy to put each child’s age on it when taking single photos, as this was a milestone session for the siblings that were 1, 2 and 4. Each kid had their own photos in the balloon basket. I just changed the paper number on the wooden heart board.

It was a beautiful sunny day. Everybody had a great time and enjoyed their session in the park. For the kids, it wasn’t even a photo session, but a pretend play with the hot air balloon

If you have a specific idea on your mind, give me shout, we may be able to make it work.